Yoga has the ability to create stillness amidst the chaos of life - a state of awareness that feels like being in the eye of a hurricane. For me, yoga is a toolbox of practices to help find that stillness. Mindfulness and breath can be powerful tools for finding a balance in life - a balance of silence and sound, movement and stillness, strength and grace, introspection and expression. I'm constantly inspired by yoga's potential for connecting people to themselves and to others.

In my teaching, I strive to maintain safe alignment while encouraging creative exploration. Through teaching Kids Yoga, I’ve learned to use playfulness and curiosity as motivators for my students (adults, too!). I was blessed to be exposed to yoga and meditation at a very young age, and I want to pass that gift on to the next generation.

“Raabta” is a Hindi word (originating in the Urdu language) meaning connection. It describes a special kind of relationship in which people are synchronized with and truly recognized by each other. I have experienced and witnessed this kind of social connection through yoga, and I’m passionate about sharing it with the world.

Side effects may include: flexibility, focus, joy, connection, restoration, strength, positivity, better relationships, enlightenment, creativity, improved communication, peace, curiosity, body awareness, smiling, respect, calm demeanor, healing, passion for life, community bonding, vitality, animorphism, and/or love.